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Portrait de Marie Gobert présentatnt une de ses sculptures en papier sous cloche en verre
Marie Gobert, portrait ©Marion Collet


In the enchanting realm of paper artistry, Marie Gobert emerges as a luminary fellow, exploring the boundless possibilities of this versatile medium. With a deft touch and meticulous precision, she bends and sculpts paper, perpetually pushing the boundaries of its form.

Driven by a fascination for fractals, Marie's artistic journey leads her to delve deep into the realm of delicate cuts and intricate layering, giving rise to bas-reliefs and dreamlike, abstract architectures.

Her process is a testament to methodical rigor and unwavering patience, each piece meticulously crafted by hand. With surgical precision, she delicately wields her scalpel, shaping and assembling, layer by layer, until her visions materialize into hypnotic, poetic creations.

"Patience and perseverance" serve as her guiding principles, affording her the luxury of meticulously pondering over every minute detail of her pieces. Each artwork bears the imprint of her dedication and transcendental patience, a testament to her unwavering commitment to her craft.

Portrait de Marie Gobert en train de travailler du papier au scalpel
Marie Gobert, portrait ©Marion Collet

Artistic Approach

Graphic Paper

Marie Gobert uses paper as a graphic base.
When white, paper's differences of level, orientations, surfaces, textures, fineness or treatment allow light and shadow to create contrasts.
And when coloured, paper's contrasts are lightened by subtle differences of tint or texture. She mixes existing papers with some that she herself paints, using various varnishes to highlight tiny details of the volume she creates.


Paper Lace

In her contrast' games, Marie wanted to let light enter the paper. That's why she started making small incisions in paper. That led her to create grid structures, that she piled up to form those particular volumes. She creates paper lace, but contrary to a lace-maker who produces material, Marie removes all unnecessary parts of the paper, keeping only the backbone.

Paper Sculpture

From her paper lace, the artist keeps offcuts that she assembles. With her infinite patience and a bit of glue, she creates volumes from these little pieces of paper. The flexibility and lightness of the pieces she cuts allow her to fix them in various orientations, until the material stands on its edge. Her paper sculptures are the fruit of her passion for finesse.

Gros plan sur le travail de dentelle de papier et de découpe au scalpel avec les mains de Marie Gobert
Marie Gobert, geste  ©Marion Collet



Her paperworks sometimes seem like landscapes. Paris' roofs, country fields or woods, Marie Gobert likes those elements which, multiplied, lead to a particular universe with contrasts and lighting effects. She reproduces them, simplifies them, until keeping only full and empty spaces, in the cubist way.

Geometrical figures

She likes to create, repeat and deform geometrical figures, often by stages. She uses them as a base for her experimentations, leading to complex structures. Multiplying a pattern ad infinitum by a systematic process enables her to create those very particular shapes. Her fascination for fractal figures is illustrated by her paper sculptures.


Marie plays with accumulations of simple shapes too. She adores modular elements. She fancies letting her eyes wonder through paving interstices and seeing new shapes emerge. She sometimes creates a diversion in those interlockings to give you a glimpse into her paper dreams.


Sometimes Marie Gobert depicts representation her environment as well. She finds her inspiration in the systematic aspect of cities, but she also uses models in the plant world. She can spend infinite time studying the veins of a simple leaf, or the cracks in bark. And her personal journeys convey landscapes not unlike topography or honeycombs.

ds d’abeilles. 

Présentation de divers bas-reliefs en papier encadrés de l'artiste Marie Gobert
Marie Gobert, showroom ©Marion Collet
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